Nicholas Hoult, Kristen Stewart share details on Equals

A sci-fi thriller is on the horizon, at one point many thought it would be a new take on the classic novel ‘1984’ and the film it inspired, but new comments distances ‘Equals’ from the popular piece.
The film will star Kristen Stewart and newly single Nicholas Hoult. News hit earlier this week that Hoult broke-up with longtime girlfriend and American Sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence, the couple confirmed the split a few days ago.
Unfortunately for Hoult that put him in the crosshairs for reporters at a Tokyo press-conference that announced the start of production on the film. At 24-each, a lot of online-sources are trying their hardest to suggest that the split had something to do with the new production, or with Stewart herself. Of course there is no basis for that assumption, but it doesn’t stop people from trying to spin a story for a spicy headline.
Stewart did a really great job at playing-down any ideas that the two were an item, or would be an item post Jennifer Lawrence. “I can’t stand him,” Stewart joked about her co-star Hoult.
When asked about living in an emotionless world Hoult said, “That obviously would be the easy way out, but no, I like to feel everything, take the highs and the lows.”
As for Stewart she told reporters, “I’m definitely not afraid of ‘feels.’ My life revolves around it actually,” adding, “Finding the balance between the head and the heart is important but I’ve always been very driven by the gut. Every thought or articulated emotion starts in shapes and colors and putting your finger on that is cool, but it’s not necessary.”
In the past the AP reported that Stewart described the new film as “a slightly updated version” of the popular 1956 movie (also based on Orwell’s 1949 novel). This new version does included “a love story,” according to Stewart at the time.
There is some confusion about the 1984 comparison, because although the film seems to lift a lot of the ideas of the original novel/film, producers are trying to distance themselves from the idea. “The story has been compared to ‘1984,’ but it’s not that at all,” producer Ann Ruark said at the event. “It’s a love story –it’s not dystopian, it’s Utopian.” We aren’t sure if that’s for legal purposes or if it is indeed a different story altogether .
It would make sense to include a romantic-interest, as the original novel had Winston and Julia getting together but it was not the center of the novel and now, with the producers comments, we are back at square-one with the 1984 idea.
All of this attention on Hoult is great for the film, but the constant questions and prying-eyes could put a strain on the two stars should it follow them into advanced production. That production schedule includes a shoot from August 4 to 28 in Japan and then move to Singapore for another three weeks.

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