Lucy Hale has always been destined for Country Music’s stage

ABC Family currently dominates social-media with ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ the television series that propelled actor Lucy Hale into stardom and quickly amassed her with incredibly supportive fans. Now Hale is broadening her horizons with a debut album, but she isn’t leaving her #PLL fan-base, she’s taking them on the road with the brand-new gig.
Outfitted in a simple LBD and some terrific boots, Lucy Hale dominated a stage that she seemed destined for, we may love her on PLL, but it is clear when she sings that music is in Hale’s soul. The event above was from last Wednesday, a large venue that featured Hale at the iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank, California that let Hale showcase her latest work.
It has been a busy week for the gorgeous 25-year-old, who just released a new single ‘Lie a Little Better,’ that is already climbing the charts, just as her show is dominating the Tuesday night lineup for ABC. This is Hale’s debut country album, called Road Between which was released June, but you would never know it by watching her sing on-stage. The album hit No. 4 in the US country music charts, with help from her fans of course, but don’t be mistaken about her talent, Hale is as authentic as you could hope for.
Hale joined PLL in 2010, and the show has been such a hit that it has been renewed through 2016 (at least). You can also add a short trip to the design studio at Hollister to the girl’s growing resume, designing a collection for the company’s ‘So Cal-cool vibe’. Fans will be able to see that collection when it is debuted at the Hollister House in Santa Monica, California on Sunday, before hitting stores nationwide on August 8.
Until then, listen to her album. Though she started on television and dabbles in design, I think it’s clear where her passion and raw-talent truly ‘lies’. (you’re welcome PLL fans for the pun).

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