Emma Watson joins Twitter protest against Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister

In foreign news this morning the newly appointed Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women, Emma Watson, is standing up against the current Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey. His name is Bulent Arinc and he is causing quite a stir on social-media after Arinc addressed a crowd celebrating the end of Ramadan with a speech that ended in a sexist tangent about woman and their laughter.
“A woman should be chaste. She should know the difference between public and private. She should not laugh in public,” explained the Deputy Prime Minister.
As you can imagine the public outcry to the statement was almost instantaneous, even attracting the attention of Emma Watson. Obviously angered by the remarks, Emma Watson joined a Twitter online protest that is picking up steam and trending in multiple countries around the world.
In defiance of the sexist remarks, woman have been posting photos of themselves laughing in public (the horror!) with Emma joining in by sharing the picture below.

Thousands of women have joined the peaceful protest, some adding the hashtag #direnkahkaha, in English that would roughly translates to “resist laughter.”

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