FOX teases Simpsons and Family Guy crossover episode

Whether you are a fan of FOX’s ‘The Simpsons,’ or if you are fan of FOX’s ‘Family Guy,’ then you will want to catch the upcoming episode that will feature both of the two animated families that is coming to FOX.
The network released a new teaser-trailer for the highly anticipated episode at this year’s San Diego Comic Con event, which you can see below.
Of course there are diggs from both families aimed at the other, as Homer and Peter square off in a battle of the bulges. A few remarks about other popular animated shows like ‘Bob’s Burgers’ and ‘The Cleveland Show’ can be heard in the new trailer as well.

With such a monumental crossing of the two long-running shows, you can expect to see marketing for the episode grace FOX time and time again before the the special airs.

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