E-cigarettes all across the country are fighting an uphill battle against regular tobacco, despite growing support from some unlikely sources. In the United States one state in particular has drawn a hard line against E-cigarettes, and that state is our very own New York.
New York City has band E-cigarette smoking from all public places, the same law went into effect for regular cigarettes to combat secondhand smoke. For those of you that don’t live in our fair city you might be unaware of the harsh taxes, strict health laws, and general push to ban smoking from almost all aspects of city. A regular pack of cigarettes for example, goes anywhere from $10.50 to $13.50 a pack here in NYC.
No matter where you stand on the general freedom of smoking, there’s no denying that is one of the worst habits one could pick up, I have had this terrible habit for the last 10 years. Quitting smoking is never easy, though many health-professionals will tell you that E-cigarettes are one of the best ways to quit. I have tried several times in the past, but still haven’t been able to quit while I write.
Over the last 30 days I’ve been trying out different types of E-cigarettes and vaporizers, with hopes of finding one that I can use for my next attempt. If you’re wondering why I didn’t use this opportunity to quit altogether, it’s because to do so I would have had to stick with one brand. Switching between brands meant different levels of nicotine and it was hard to regulate cravings while switching so often. So instead, I took this up opportunity to find a brand and system that was most effective in fighting cravings.
In the end these trials and tribulations provided excellent data, though not all the results were as fantastic, but I know finding a reliable brand to help you quit smoking isn’t exactly the easiest task to do online. If you’re new to the E cigarette industry, or if you’ve had some bad luck in the past, then you should know there are really two different categories that you can look into it. The first is your regular E-cigarettes, designed to mimic an actual cigarette with tobacco, the second is a vaporizer. If you needed something to compare a vaporizer to, it’s like a cigar or a mini-hookah.
There are dozens of E-cigarettes to choose from, each brand promising different tastes, levels of nicotine or product designs. It’s a lot to take in at first, and some can be very expensive. After testing out 8 brands, I have come to one generic conclusion; refilling and recharging is an extreme pain, and something that should be avoided in the E-cigarettes category.
Like many people I thought that refillables and rechargeables would be the cheapest option, just in case it took me a long time to quit. I don’t think this proved to be the case, in more than one occasion I was caught without a charged cigarette or without a fillable, and I ended up just borrowing an actual cigarette, or buying a pack while I was out.
One of the main problems is that you never really know how much charge is left in your E-cigarette. Every brand that I’ve tried that was rechargeable, simply waited until it was almost dead before blinking. Since quitting is so hard to do on it’s own, I don’t think adding one more frustration is your best bet. Think about how annoying it is to charge your phone, laptop or headest while you’re out, then imagine you had to do that with smoking. (hulk smash)
Keeping around USB charger cords or battery packs or several different charged cigarettes, is terribly annoying when dealing with E-cigarettes. Vaporizers are a different story, but I’ll get to those next. In all of my testing I eventually got rid of all chargeable cigarettes, and found a brand that I think would work best for anyone that is trying to quit.
(As a full disclosure moving forward I want to make clear that The Slanted receives absolutely no money in endorsing either of these two options)
NJOY King (Editor’s Choice for E-Cigarettes)
I think this is easily the most cost-effective, most convenient, and most efficient way to jump from regular tobacco to E-Cigarettes. There’s no charging (they do offer a charging model but I seriously have to recommend that you go with the regular disposable cigarettes) and they are also available in large stores like WaWa or 7-11 if you suddenly runout.
I think in the end you will spend less money, both on supplies and in the long-run of quitting, and you will always have one on hand that you know is charged and ready to go. Just like the regular cigarettes, the fewer you buy at a time, the more expensive it is. They come in several flavors and have different levels of nicotine to choose from, so if you like to test them out before you buy a complete set, you can do so.
Once you find one that you like however, I recommend you buy the 20 pack and set off on your track to quit. You know have 20 cigarettes (which depending on how much you use them should last you from 18-23 days) and you no longer have to worry about anything else but quitting. I tried going from pack to pack and I tried rechargeables, but then there would be a moment of needing to smoke and not having anything ready, and that ruined my chances of quitting every time. With the 20 pack you’ll know what advance when you’re about to run out and you can order them online to save money or you can pop into the store and buy more.
Almost all E-cigarettes taste the same, there are special flavors that you can buy if you would like, but this brand actually has the most nicotine offered, and felt more like a natural cigarette when inhaled.
They come in standard tobacco and menthol flavors, and offer 45 mg nicotine per ml of liquid versions compared to many brands that only go as high as 18 mg. Many brands are heavy, cumbersome Devices that don’t feel like a cigarette at all. Many feel like you have a fountain pen in your mouth, and if you’ve had that experience in the past these are nothing like that. Very much softer and much more natural.
If you live in New York City odds are that switching to E-cigarettes will save you a lot of money overall, but depending on where you live E-cigarettes may cost you more if you never quit. Obviously the goal isn’t just saving money, it’s about getting rid of tobacco and on that note I think this is your best bet on living a tobacco free life.
iGO (Editor’s Choice Vaporizers)
Just like there’s a difference between smoking cigarettes and smoking cigars or hookah, there is a difference between E-cigarettes and vaporizers. Unlike E-cigarettes, vaporizers have a lot more work to do and the build quality of the device definitely comes into play. Vaporizes are far more casual than regular E-cigarettes, and qualities like vapor, taste, consistency, and functionality are far more important in choosing a vaporizer.
Out of the six devices that I tested, I found that the ISMK brand seems to have the most options (both in cost and in design) and I think that more customers will find a device that fits their needs and tastes with this brand, over others on the market.
As I mentioned before vaporizers have a lot of work to do, and you will want to choose a device with a good battery. The iGo version that I tried offered a 650mAh lithium battery, that easily lasted more than a single day on a single-charge. The company states that it should last you about 1,000 puffs, and overall I found that to be accurate. Another great feature is the LCD display on the bottom that shows both the battery capacity and the consumed puffs so you can keep track.
Where you fill the device is called the Clearomizer, and this one is detachable, which makes a world of difference. One problem with reviewing vaporizers is that what you put inside of the device can differ from person to person. There are dozens and dozens of different types of liquid with different flavors, different concentrations, all leading to different results. So I don’t want to focus on any particular liquid or brand of liquids, as that will be up to you, but I do want to focus on the actual functionality of the device.
Overall I found the ISMK brand is the most compatible, easy-to-use, and is extremely well-made. Any vaporizers that you choose will be quickly put to the test, as it’s used so often, and customers are going want to buy one that will last. There are quite a few different models and designs you can choose from on the official website, many different batteries and larger chambers, so that you can customize your set to fit your exact needs.