Razer’s Nabu wearable has another first, this time adding WeChat

Razer has made a name for itself within the gaming industry for offering high-end computer peripherals that are constantly trying out new designs and testing new features. Recently the company began to expand into PC gaming laptops like the Razer Egde, and now Razer is moving into the wearable market.
Even at E3 this year Razer was pushing the Razer Nabu, shown above in black and green, even though the device isn’t available to customers yet.
The device has entered into a new beta-testing phase over the last few weeks, but excitement for the new device has been building over the last few months. Thousands of customers have signed up for the beta, with hopes of being one of the first to test out the new wearable, and every convention that I’ve attended, that has featured the Nabu, has had a line around the booth with eager gamers hoping to get their hands on the product.
Not just for games, the device will work like a smartwatch combined with a fitness band. The decision to become an open platform makes the Nabu all that the more appealing to the tech-savvy demographic that Razer has dominated in the past.
WeChat isn’t just an off-the-cuff decision by the company, it’s a direct route into China. WeChat is tremendously popular in the country, which could potentially be the largest wearable market in the world, over the course of the next few years. Wearables will be a highly competitive market however, with companies like Samsung, LG, Google and eventually Apple making their own wearable technology, all competing to market new products directly to Chinese citizens.
According to earlier reports over 250,000 people signed up for the beta, which only had 500 slots for testing. Wechat is an app that allows multiplatform devices to communicate with one another, and has millions of users around the world. The application is available on almost every single carrier and every single app store that is available online throughout the world as well.
You can find more information about the beta and other features that will be offered at Razer.com

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