Once Upon a Time’s official look at Elsa from Frozen

Earlier this month fans got a behind-the-scenes look, with an unofficial photo released from the set of ABC’s OUAT, showing Elsa from Disney’s Frozen making her debut on the series.
Now ABC has released an official photo from the upcoming season that shows the highly anticipated character in the right light, makeup-on and ready to get to work.
The last season of ABC’s Once Upon a Time ended with a very quick glimpse of Elsa, hinting that the popular princess would be coming to the series after all. That was confirmed earlier this year and Elsa will be joining the cast for the new season when the series returns in all of her Frozen glory.
Georgina Haig, shown in the photo as Elsa, is best known for her work on Fringe. ABC confirmed the casting earlier in July, and TIME released the official photo of the character in costume this afternoon.
It looks like almost all of Elsa’s iconic trademarks have made it onto the screen, most importantly that long, blond braid of hers and blue princess gown.
If you are eagerly awaiting the new season’s premiere, it is almost here, the next season of Once Upon a Time will premiere on Sept. 28, 2014.

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