Star Wars Rebels offers extended trailer ahead of Comic-Con

With San Diego comic con just around the corner, Star Wars fans have been treated to a wide array of content for the upcoming film and TV series. Just one day after J.J. Abrams released the latest behind the scenes look for the new Star Wars Episode VII film, Disney has released an extended trailer for the upcoming animated series “Star Wars Rebels”.
The new series is scheduled to release this fall with more information about the show expected to be released at comic con this year. The new story takes place after the Jedi have been wiped out, as the Empire spreads tyranny through the galaxy.
On the planet of Lothal a group of rebels meet a 14-year-old con artist named Ezra and soon it’s clear their destinies are linked. Aboard their ship, the Ghost, Ezra and the rebels embark on an adventure to ignite a rebellion and strike back against the Empire.

The new original animated series, Star Wars Rebels, is coming to Disney XD this October.

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