Shot of Georgina Haig as Elsa from Frozen leaks from OUAT set

We reported earlier in July that Georgina Haig would be taking on the role of one of ABC’s most highly-anticipated characters for ‘Once upon a Time,’ the role of Elsa from Frozen. Although ABC did not release the photo officially, a picture of Elsa has been leaked from the set.
Without all of the special lighting, the special effects, the musical score and the final touches; it is hard to say that this is exactly what Elsa Will look like in the end but fans should be happy to see that most of Elsa’s trademark looks are making it to the small screen. Fans will most likely remember Georgina from her role on fringe, but soon millions of viewers will know her as the frozen princess.
The picture leaked from the set earlier on Wednesday, ABC is currently shooting episodes for the upcoming season in Vancouver, Canada. More information and details about else does character are sure to be released over the next few weeks as production continues on the upcoming season of the popular ABC series.

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