After an overwhelming response from consumers, the FCC has extended its deadline for the public to send its thoughts on the upcoming net neutrality bill. This extension was brought on after many complained they could not send their response through the FCC website, because the FCC’s own service continually crashed under the strain. Over 600,000 comments were already sent to the FCC before noon yesterday, and today Netflix has released its own statement on the matter.”
In a statement online Netflix spoke-out against the bill, “Adopting strong net neutrality is the best way to support the virtuous circle of increasing investment in broadband networks and the applications that drive the demand for faster, more affordable Internet access. To ensure that the Internet continues to grow as platform for consumer choice and economic growth, the Commission should use all the statutory and non-statutory tools at its disposal to adopt strong open Internet protections.”
The company went on to say, “Netflix urges the FCC to protect openness, not only on the last mile, but also at the point of interconnection to the last mile. Failing to address interconnection abuse by terminating Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will undermine the efficacy of any open Internet or consumer protection rule that the Commission adopts in these proceedings. As important as they are, last-mile protections are insufficient if ISPs can move discriminatory conduct to interconnection points with content providers.”
Netflix, Google, Microsoft and other top-industry leaders have spoken-out continuously for the protection of net-neutrality in the past. Netflix warns that the Commission, “should adopt clear and strong open Internet protections that prevent blocking, interconnection access tolls, unreasonable discrimination, and paid prioritization on any point in the network controlled by the terminating ISP. Transparency rules should be augmented to require ISPs to provide meaningful, real-time disclosures of network performance and congestion to keep the public properly informed.”
You can read the entire 28-page statement released today on the company’s website below.
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