Disney and Marvel release a trailer for adorable Big Hero 6

Marvel and Disney hope to continue their domination across all cinematic genres with a new animated film called ‘Big Hero 6,’ featuring one very cute robot-hybrid hero. The film is actually based on a comic-book hero, though it may not be as popular as a few of Marvel’s other intellectual properties at this time.
In the film fans will meet young Hiro, who creates a robot to help him fight crime in his local city of San Fransokyo. We last saw Baymax the robot back in May of this year, but the latest trailer offers a new look at the stumbling creation.

The film will be directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams. with Don Hall and Jordan Roberts writing the script. Voicing three of the roles are T.J. Miller, Maya Rudolph and Jamie Chung. Big Hero 6 will be released on Nov 7.

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