Life of Archie, title character’s death leaks out online

Nothing lasts forever, not even the ‘feel-good’ Riverdale pop-culture icon that is Archie. Now the comic-book legend will meet his end, and although many might like to see him simply ride-off into the sunset, he instead will be gunned down. That is how the death of Archie has been decided, Archie taking a bullet for a best-friend, a gay Senator and gun-rights activist.
The death of Archie is only days away, the event itself will take place this Wednesday, Archie will attempt to stop the assassination of Kevin Keller, who was also the very first openly gay character in the Archie Comics line. Keller was first brought into the series in 2010, as a new character in the Archie spin-off series Veronica. Not only is the character now married, he’s also a Senator, and he’s pushing for tougher legislation on gun-control. We first learned of Archie’s timely death back in April, and now we know how it will happen, there’s nothing left to do but wait.
“He dies heroically. He dies selflessly. He dies in the manner that epitomizes not only the best of Riverdale but the best of all of us,” Archie Comics publisher and co-CEO Jon Goldwater told The Associated Press. “It’s what Archie has come to represent over the past almost 75 years.”
“Archie is not a superhero like all the rest of the comic book characters,” Goldwater added. “He’s human. He’s a person. When you wound him, he bleeds. He knows that. If anything, I think his death is more impactful because of that.”

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