Soon Seinfeld Emojis will take over your iPhone

As the 25th anniversary of Seinfeld continues this month, more and more marketing instances are popping-up all over the internet. The latest of which, are tiny Seinfeld-inspired emojis, some with a few modern twists.
Over the newt few weeks, a free iOS app called Seinfeld Emoji will most likely be available on the iOS store (it has been submitted to the Apple App Store at this time but has not received the final confirmation).
The updated emojis show Jerry in Google Glass, while others are more traditional to the series. Fans will most likely remember iconic moments like the Junior Mints, the Puffy Shirt and…..Newman.
Jason Richards created the @Seinfeld2000 account on Twitter and is the original creator of the concept to honor the popular series. Kevin McCauley designed the emojis while Shahruz Shaukat helped develop the app.
It’s not 100% sponsored by NBC or the show’s creator, which is why you’ll find “Jary” not Jerry, and Newmie not Newman. Like toys in a pharmacy that have Ricky Rouse, and Monald Muck, different names but you still recognize them.
We actually think the Junior Mint people will shutdown the app before NBC does, but soon we will know for sure.

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