Frozen’s superstar Idina Menzel to perform at the All-Star Game

Broadway is leaving the overpopulated street of NYC and is stretching out for a night in middle-America, MLB confirmed that Idina Menzel will perform at the All-Star game later this month.
Menzel is of course famous for so much more than her beautiful rendition of “Let It Go,” from Disney’s Frozen, but that is the song that put her on the radar for millions of children around the world, and now they can watch her sing live before the game.
The event will take place next Tuesday, July 15, she has been chosen to perform at the All-Star baseball game in Minneapolis, Minnesota to sing our national anthem.
Not only that, she is giving a short pre-game concert at the popular Target Field. That event is to award the winners of the Target, PEOPLE and Major League Baseball’s All-Star Teachers program which will happen before the start of the All-Star Game.
The All-Star Game is set to premiere at 7:30 p.m. ET on FOX on Tuesday, July 15.

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