Brandon Routh joins CW Arrow as The Atom

Time to switch costumes, he was once the man who played Superman himself (in Superman Returns) but now Brandon Routh is taking on the role of Atom in the popular CW series ‘Arrow’.
As we mentioned before, Routh was Superman in the 2006 installment of Bryan Singer ‘Superman Returns’ film, but now he will take on the role of recurring guest-star on the CW network. The CW has not released all of the information at this point, but we do know that Routh will enter the series as Ray Palmer, the brilliant scientist and innovator, who will now be the owner of Queen Consolidated. More information on his role in the series, his storyline and when he will appear are most-likely a few of the details we will learn about at SDCC this year.
As for the unconfirmed rumor department, many believe that Routh is being brought in as a future love-interest for Felicity, that would ensure that Routh would get plenty of screen-time as we head into the new season this fall. Other rumors that were put to bed this week include Green Arrow’s inclusion in the upcoming DC film ‘Batman vs. Superman’, Warner Bros. denied that involvement earlier this week.
Fans of Arrow still have the rest of the summer to wait however, the new season premiere won’t be available until October 8, 2014.

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