Not Funny, Joan Rivers walks off set during CNN Interview

She has never been one to keep anything to herself, and today a CNN anchor met the real Joan Rivers of Hollywood, and it wasn’t funny. While being interviewed by an anchor on CNN for a taped nationally-broadcasted segment on the network, Rivers decided to just get up and leave.
This happened earlier today (Saturday) as the CNN Newsroom interview host Fredricka Whitfield began questioning Rivers about where she draws the line with her jokes, and of her mocking starlets and stars.
“This whole interview is becoming a defensive interview,” Rivers said during the tapping, claiming that the interview had too much of a “negative” spin. She finally ended with, “You are not the one to interview a person who does humor, sorry,” then simply walked off the CNN set.
It’s unclear how much of this was just for publicity, Rivers was on the show to promote her new book (which just happened to launch on July 1) called ‘Diary of a Mad Diva‘. Rivers name continues to make headlines, her battle with the writers of her popular series ‘Fashion Police’ was an on-going legal battle that added more animosity for those against the loudmouthed television-star to rally behind.

Many feel that Rivers ‘insulting, tell-it-like-is’ comedy just doesn’t have a place in today’s television. There is of course no right answer to that idea, but her series did do very well on the E! Network.
At one time, many years ago, Rivers was one of the only television personalities to publicly shame Hollywood for their faults, nowadays there is so much negativity on television and shaming in our society, that it’s hard to remember when Rivers was the only the show in town. You can find more information on her new book with the link above, and you can always find Rivers on the E! network, with one of her many gigs from Runway to series.

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