Sherlock returns with one-off Special, and season four

If you are anything like the people in our office then you are probably suffering from deduction-withdraw, luckily a cure is on the way. BBC One confirmed that there will be a new one-off special that will air next year, and a shorter, new season, will premiere next year as well.
The fantastic duo that is Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman will both return for the special, as well as the fourth season. That season will include a total of three new episodes, so try and make them last at least a week this time. As for a timeframe, the one-off special will begin shooting in January 2015, the fourth series will begin shooting later next year. BBC made the confirmation in a long series of cryptic-tweets earlier this morning.
This is because the Twitter profile page was ‘taken over’ by Moriarty. The popular villain not only likes to annoy Sherlock, but his Twitter friends as well. Fans know that at the end of season three Moriarty’s “Did you miss me?” message hit every screen in London, forcing Mycroft Holmes (played by Mark Gatiss) to bring Sherlock back from Exile.

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