First Walking Dead Season 5 teaser offers a behind the scenes look at the premiere

AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ is known for keeping its twists and turns in-check before they premiere, but AMC is offering a short teaser for fans who are patiently awaiting the start of season five this fall. The fifth season of the popular survival-zombie drama is already shooting, and Rick Grimes and crew are set to return to the small-screen this October, but you can check-in with the cast and crew a little early thanks to a new behind-the-scenes video released earlier today from the network.
If there is one phrase that sticks out in the teaser, it comes from Lauren Cohan. The actor simply said, “This episode is so disturbing,” she said describing the premiere, “that some of the stuff we shot yesterday, I don’t know if it’ll make it to TV.”
That does sound like classic AMC Walking Dead material right there, while Andrew Lincoln simply called the first season-five episode, “the most ambitious first episode we’ve ever attempted,” adding later, “If this is what we have to go by for the season, then I think this will be the best season yet.”
When we last left our band of survivors things were at their darkest. Not only was the small crew basically lost and alone without much hope to get by on, they will begin season five captured at Terminus, and it seems unlikely that all of them will survive the ordeal. You can watch the season-five behind-the-season teaser below.


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