Robert Downey Jr.’s son, Indio Downey, arrested for cocaine possession

Over the weekend Robert Downey Jr.’s son, young actor Indio Downey, was arrested following a traffic stop on charges of cocaine possession. The arrest happened in West Hollywood late Sunday afternoon according to several reports.
According to the L.A. County Sheriff’s department, Indio Downey was a passenger in a friend’s car when they were pulled-over at about 2pm local time. The car was first pulled over when a police-officer, who had been driving alongside the car, saw what appeared to be young Downey smoking something out of a pipe.
This was enough to pull the car over and conduct a search, which allegedly produced cocaine that was found in Indio’s possession. Following the search Indio was arrested and taken to jail, booked under the possession of cocaine. At just twenty years-old, the actor is known for his role in “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” he was given a $10K bail, which he paid, and was eventually released just after midnight on Sunday.
Robert Downey Jr. was notorious in the late 1980s through the 1990’s for his trouble with heroin and cocaine.

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