ABC premieres NY MED tonight, everything you need to know about the summer series

“NY MED” is back on ABC this week, the eight-part series mostly jumps from operating rooms om Manhattan’s New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Newark’s University Hospital and “Episode 201,” airs tonight (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET).
Most people know America’s most famous doctor as “Dr. Oz,” but Mehmet Oz was a cardiac surgeon long before TV discovered him, and he still is, performing surgeries most weeks of the year. In this premiere episode, surgeon Oz stops to chat with 27-year old Juan Vasquez who has come to the ER with discomfort in his chest. In a blood-chilling instant, Juan convulses in agony and the look in Oz’s eyes is unmistakable. This is a life-threatening crisis. Oz believes the man’s aorta has ripped from his chest down to the main artery in his leg. Every second counts and Oz knows he must make perfect decisions in exactly the right order if this young man’s life can be saved.
For a year, Shawn Alsop has kept a secret from his wife Tameka. He has a tumor on his spine that could be cancerous and will require a dangerous surgery to remove. There is a possibility that the operation could damage nerves and leave Shawn paralyzed. When he finally tells Tameka about his medical condition, she is terrified that their three young boys could grow up with a severely handicapped dad. But most of all, she is also furious that Shawn kept her in the dark until a few days before the operation. The good news is that Dr. Philip Stieg, one of the country’s top neurosurgeons, is on their side. And Dr. Stieg swears he won’t let them down.

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Ashley Winter is a 28-year old New York-Presbyterian urology resident meeting with patients for the first time without a senior doctor present. Many of them suffer from erectile problems so chronic that surgery is their only chance to restore some degree of function. Navigating the intimate emotional landscape of men nearly twice her age is challenging. And at least one patient believes his marriage depends on finding a solution to his impotence.
Gunned down on the streets of Newark, 20-year old Jalen Riley is literally riddled with bullet holes. Doctors struggle to count the number of entry and exit wounds. Jalen’s mother is distraught as she awaits word from the medical staff on his condition. But at University Hospital, there are no lost causes. And trauma surgeon Adam Fox determines that the bullets have miraculously missed most vital organs. Still, it will be a battle to stop the bleeding.
Marina, Diana and Katie–the ER’s compassionate, competent and sometimes hilarious nurses from the first season of NY MED–return. They confront everything from subway tragedies to romantic suitors feigning medical syndromes. In this first episode, they treat a young woman with a bizarre injury that leaves the staff both baffled and impressed.
Terence Wrong is the executive producer of “NY MED.” Erica Baumgart is the supervising producer and Monica DelaRosa is the senior series producer. Andy Genovese and Aysu Grodowski are series producers.

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