Libratone wireless speakers embrace Spotify for seamless sound

Libratone wireless speakers are now equipped for Spotify Connect, the new update will allow wireless play back from a limitless music library without encountering any interruptions from an unstable connection, incoming calls or loss of signal range. Customers will also enjoy Spotify Connect’s low battery-usage, and the feature will be available in every new Libratone Loop and Zipp and through firmware updates for current owners.
Also included is the HTC-Enabled “three finger swipe technology, allowing HTC users to share content with their favorite Libratone speaker in a simple three-finger swipe up the screen of the phone. Music lovers will enjoy their audio within seconds all without losing the slightest bit of quality. As for iOS and Android Apps users, the company states that, “inputting the placement of the speaker into the app will adjust the sound to fit the size of whatever room it is in. Additional features include: assessment of WiFi signal strength, improved set up wizard, new voicing functionality and the ability to update current speakers with new technologies.”
“Our goal is to liberate music from the limitations of conventional listening” said Libratone Inc, CEO Greg Stein. “By incorporating HTC and Spotify Connect we are offering our customers millions of songs at their finger tips with complete ease of use. Our updated apps will deliver pitch perfect audio in fully customizable FullRoom™ sound.”
Users can connect to Libratone’s speakers through the company’s patented PlayDirect technology. PlayDirect turns each speaker into its own hotspot, eliminating the need to be close to a WiFi network.
Every speaker comes dressed in Libratone’s interchangeable Italian wool covers, available in a variety of vibrant color hues. Speakers support AirPlay, DLNA and HTC Connect Technology for FullRoom 360 sound.

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