Photobucket hopes to be your go-to Twitter GIF maker

Earlier this week we reported that Twitter has introduced animated GIFs at long last, and while there is no shortage of pre-made GIFS on the internet, making the on the go can be tough.
The latest version of the Photobucket app now includes a GIF Maker, the popular application is available on both iOS and Android
devices and will help you edit your GIFs and upload all with a few clicks. You will need to restrain your Gifs to 3MBs, but once you’re done you will be able to upload the GIF straight to Twitter.
The company made the announcement earlier today, adding these instructions on the official Blog:

“You’ll need to upload the actual GIF file in order to see it on Twitter, so no links. If you’re tweeting from your home computer, you’ll need to download the GIF you just made with the Photobucket GIF Maker before you can upload it to Twitter – no problem. Just access your Photobucket account as normal. Once in your library, click on the GIF Maker folder in the left sidebar.

After clicking on the GIF you’d like to share, download it by clicking Download under the Media Options on the right side of the screen. If you’re tweeting from a mobile device, then you should be good to go! The Photobucket GIF Maker already saved a copy of the GIF to your phone. Perfect, now let’s get to tweeting that shiny new GIF! Open up Twitter, compose a new tweet, and choose to add a photo.

Find the GIF that you just created and make sure that it’s 3MB or smaller, otherwise you might receive an error or get stuck in an endless uploading loop. Once attached, tweet away. Welcome to the new world of custom GIFs!”

more info: photobucket

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