Anders Holm of Workaholics joins Anne Hathaway, Robert De Niro in The Intern

Fans of the Comedy Central hit series ‘Workaholics’ will soon be able to watch Anders ‘Ders’ Holm share the big-screen with Anne Hathaway in an upcoming romantic comedy. The project is ‘The Intern’ which has had Hathaway signed-on for a few months now, though Holm’s confirmation only came through this week,
This will be a big-leap for Holm, who has found steady work outside of Workaholics on other hit series and has a few major films about to release this year. He will now play the love-interest to the Oscar-winning Hathaway, under the direction of Nancy Meyers.
Not only does Holm star in Workaholics, he is also a writer, producer and creator of the series. Warner Bros. has stated that Hathaway will play the role of a successful fashion-blogger that finds support and advice with an elderly intern that her company has hired.
That intern is none other than Robert De Niro. Meyers wrote the screenplay, and the cast seems to be getting better and better as we approach production. You will also see Holm in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice, the Seth Rogen and James Franco film ‘The Interview’.

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