Facebook Slingshot, the SnapChat that’s not SnapChat

SnapChat rose to popularity with the idea that users could send pictures that would self-destruct, it instantly became a pretty handy sexting tool for most users (even though some were underage) and since then the app has slowly built-up a non-sexting community while partnering with media-outlets for red-carpet events and other celebrity-heavy occasions.
That’s what Facebook is after, the marketing side of SnapChat without the connection to the seedy underbelly that brought SnapChat to power. Today Facebook launched Slingshot the company explained, “we wanted to build something where everybody is a creator and nobody is just a spectator. When everyone participates, there’s less pressure, more creativity and even the little things in life can turn into awesome shared experiences” This is what Slingshot is all about according to Facebook.
With Photos and videos, you can imagine that there will still be some sexy-business going on, but it’s the media connection that Facebook would most likely want to secure.
“To get started on Slingshot, shoot a photo or video. It can be what you’re up to, who you’re with or a quick selfie. Add some text and color, then sling it to a bunch of friends. Here’s the deal: friends won’t be able to see your shot until they sling something back to you. They can then reply with a reaction—or simply swipe your shot away.”
You can find the app in the US on iPhone (iOS7) and Android (Jelly Bean and KitKat). Get it at sling.me/download

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