NBC confirms that Jack Coleman will return to Heroes Reborn

As we reported earlier this year, NBC will return to the ‘Heroes’ franchise with a limited-series run of the popular show. The network has confirmed the first returning character in the series, and that honor goes to Jack Coleman.
Jack Coleman InsertThe rest of the characters are still up in the air at this point, the news of Coleman’s return was first reported by TheWrap, who had a unnamed source for the television series to thank for the information.
In the original show Coleman played Noah Bennett, fans of the series should remember him as the former agent, but more importantly he was the father of the show’s main character, the cheerleader Claire Bennett.
Although Claire Bennett was played by the popular actor Hayden Panettiere (now appearing on Nashville) it is doubtfull that she will return to the series.
Fans can look forward to the original creator and executive producer Tim Kring being heavily involved in the series, he will executive produce 13 episodes for the reboot next year.

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