George R.R. Martin explains the army north of the wall in Game of Thrones finale

Last night was the Game of Thrones Season 3 finale, and true to the series nature, there were a lot of surprises in store for viewers. In the small-chance that you may have clicked here without having seen the finale, this is your last warning that there will be spoilers ahead from the episode, you are now moving ahead at your own risk.
Among the crossbow bolts, the chains, the crying and the monologues; there was a scene when Stannis suddenly appeared north of the wall, and it may have left a few viewers wondering why (and how) this came to pass. Armies rushing in to save the day are rare in Game of Thrones, and this particular character’s army is rather new in the making.
Just as Jon Snow was ‘negotiating’ a deal with the Wildlings in the thinning forrest ahead of the wall, Stannis appeared with an extremely well-trained, mounted faction of his army, which quickly surrounded the Wildling camp and stopped the invaders from taking Castle Black.

Martin has been giving these short but informative behind-the-scenes answers on certain topics of the series for sometime now, and since it was the season finale we thought we would share this one with you. A few more scenes from the episode have been uploaded as well to the same YouTube channel, you can checkout those scenes after the interview above.

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