Avenger’s Tom Hiddleston will play Hank Williams in new biopic

From almost destroying the world to taking on the role of one country music’s most cherished icons, Tom Hiddleston doesn’t shy away from challenging characters; while still winning over audiences in the process. It was confirmed earlier today that Hiddleston will play Hank Williams in a new film, this includes singing the classic songs of the legendary performer, in a new independent biopic titled “I Saw the Light.”
RatPac Entertainment, Bron Studios and Creative Wealth Media Finance are all producing and financing this production, which won’t begin shooting until later this fall in the southern state of Louisiana. Marc Abraham is set to direct, the screenplay was written by Abraham but based on the popular book “Hank Williams: The Biography” by Colin Escott, George Merritt and William MacEwen.
Sony ATV has given the rights for the following songs to make it into the film, “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” “I”m So Lonesome I Could Cry” and “Hey Good Lookin’.” If you’re a Williams fan then you should probably be excited by now, and singing ‘Whatcha got cookin’?’ as you continue.
The Alabama singer-songwriter was born in 1923, “Move It on Over” was the song that took Williams to the Grand Ole Opry on June 11, 1949, still one of the best performances the club has ever seen. Although he accomplished so much in his lifetime, his life was cut tragically short. Hank died at the young-age of 29 from heart failure related to his suffering from spina bifida, alcoholism and prescription pill addiction. Through all that, he still managed to become an icon before he was thirty, in a music-genre that was easily one of the hardest to break-into at the time.

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