JK Rowling backs ‘Better Together’ rather than independent Scotland

It has been a topic of concern, war, outrage and political debate dating back far into both country’s histories, the decision of whether Scotland should be an independent nation from the United Kingdom. J.K. Rowling is backing ‘The Better Together’ campaign, with donations of up to $1.68 million USD to speak out against Scottish independence. Alistair Darling is leading the campaign, a friend of the author and a previous Labour chancellor.
All of this campaigning is heading towards a final vote, one that will give Scottish citizens a chance to choose “yes” or “no” to just one question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?” Rowling has ties to both Scotland and England. Though she was born in England, Rowling has called Edinburgh, Scotland her home for over two-decades now. The headlines of her support came from a 1,289 word post on her personal website published earlier today.
The matter has many political, socioeconomic, historical and economic issues at hand, and Rowling was careful to state that her opinion did not simply stem from national-pride but that she feels the United Kingdom is truly best for the country she now calls home. She also points out that groups on both sides of the issue are using the debate to attack each other, rather than discuss the betterment of Scotland, something that we see here in America all too often.
She has a term for the people that denounce her opinion on the matter simply because she was not born in Scotland; she calls them “a little Death Eaterish,”but through it all she stated, “I happen to think that this country is exceptional, too.”

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