One of the most exciting games to report on this past year has been Activision’s ‘Destiny’ a new game from Bungie (the creators of Halo) that promises to be an action-packed adventure set in a familiar but mysterious universe.
According to Activision, “Destiny delivers a new way to play first-person action games in a story-driven universe filled with single player, cooperative, competitive, public, and social activities, all seamlessly connected and a vast, persistent universe, creating the world’s first “Shared World Shooter.”
In Destiny, gamers become Guardians of the last city on Earth, able to wield incredible powers and explore the far reaches of our solar system. The game will be available on September 9 for the PlayStation 4 system, PlayStation 3 system, Xbox One and Xbox 360. There will be a beta for the title in July, starting on the PS4 which you can checkout below.

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