Expect more tension on ‘Mistresses’ with tonight’s new episode ‘Boundaries’

ABC hit summer series is back tonight, ‘Mistresses’ will feature an all-new episode as the girls attempt to move-on from last year’s complications.
The new episode is called “Boundaries,” and for those of you just catching up we will find April furthering her affair, against probably all good-caution, with the handsome artist Daniel Zamora (guest star Ricky Whittle).
While this is happening we will also find Joss and Harry, at each other’s throats as they fight over almost every single details for the lavish party they were hired to plan for wealthy housewife (Krista Allen, who is guest starring tonight).
Savi is finally back at the firm, though she will have to share an office with the new attorney Antonia Ruiz (played by guest star Rebeka Montoya), who appears to have no sense of personal boundaries. Karen is in for some big of the challenges however, as ABC teases that, “ghosts from her past” will return just as she is called upon to testify at Elizabeth Grey’s parole hearing. Also guest starring tonight is Penelope Ann Miller as Elizabeth Grey. “Boundaries” was written by K.J. Steinberg. Ron Lagomarsino directed.
“Mistresses” regularly stars Alyssa Milano as Savannah (“Savi”) Davis, Yunjin Kim as Karen Kim, Rochelle Aytes as April Malloy, Jes Macallan as Josslyn Carver, Brett Tucker as Harry Davis and Jason George as Dominic Taylor.
The full list of announced guest stars for the episoide are Krista Allen as Janine Winterbaum, Ricky Whittle as Daniel Zamora, Rebeka Montoya as Antonia Ruiz, William Ragsdale as Dr. Blakeley, Rudolf Martin as Andre Breitling, Lauren McKnight as Brynn, and Catherine Haena Kim as Anna Choi.

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