Marvel’s Ant Man finally gets a director in Peyton Reed

Although Marvel confirmed that it would be moving forward with a new film series starring the former comic-book hero ‘Ant Man,’ the person sitting in the director’s chair has been a game of musical chairs of late. Today Marvel put aside the rumors and made an official announcement on the matter, finally deciding that Reed will take the helm.
Marvel has confirmed that Peyton Reed will direct the new film, supporting him in the script will be Adam McKay as a contributor. Marvel made the official announcement earlier today, though more details are expected to be released throughout the weekend.
Over the past few weeks several names have been processed and rejected through the traditional rumor mill; following the confirmation that Edgar Wright dropped the project and would no longer direct the film. This sudden departure from the project was said to be caused from apparent creative differences with the studio.
Peyton is more known for his comedic-talents in film and television, being behind such films as ‘Yes Man,’ ‘Bring it On’ and several episodes of ‘The New Girl’.

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