Pair your Xbox One Controller and your Gaming PC, Microsoft releases drivers at long last

Xbox One controllers and a gaming PC, few things are seemingly so perfect together, at least on paper that is. Up until this morning however you would need third-party software to make the connection to offer full compatibility on past titles, but not anymore.
That is because Microsoft has finally released the official drivers for the Xbox One controller. The company has been slow to release the drivers, considering that that dual-compatibility was one of the features that the Xbox One controllers bragged about, when they launched in November of 2013.
Microsoft frontman Major Nelson broke the news earlier today, you can pick up two versions of the drivers, they come in x86 and x64 depending on which copy of Windows you are using. Out of the virtual box, the drivers will add Xbox One controllers to the list of any game that already had Xbox 360 controller support. The connection is made via the micro USB cable to your PC.
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