End to End from Google will offer encrypted exchanges, now looking for testers

With online security becoming a more predominant feature that customers look for in new internet-based applications and services, Google is offering a new extension that offers free-encryption when using its service. The new extension is in alpha-testing, it is not available through the Google Chrome store at this exact moment.
The new add-on is called, “End-to-End” and as Google explains, “it’s a Chrome extension intended for users who need additional security beyond what we already provide.” If you are unfamiliar with the term, end-to-end encryption secures the data until the message’s intended recipient decrypts on their end.
This isn’t anything new, but it hasn’t exactly been packaged as an easy-to-use system like Google is hoping to do with this new extension. The software behind the extension includes OpenPGP, “an open standard supported by many existing encryption tools,” explains Google. What Google is doing today is releasing the basic-code, so that others can begin testing and find any flaws or improvements that may implemented in the final results.
There is money to be made in finding holes in Google security, they “Vulnerability Reward Program offers financial awards for finding security bugs in Google code,” this includes the new End-to-End service.
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