You will watch Season 3 of Sherlock on Netflix, if you haven’t been watching that is

Watching Sherlock online is always a hassle if you don’t have cable, and for those fans that patiently wait for the seasons to roll-out after its completion, you will find Netflix is your safe harbor once again, this time for season 3.
Netflix has confirmed that the company has secured the online-streaming rights to the popular series, and the new season will be available this Monday. This exclusive deal with Netflix is a terrific triumph for the battling video-content wars set against Amazon, Hulu and Netflix.
Sherlock seasons one and two were on Hulu, but a previous deal with Netflix allowed Sherlock’s first two seasons to hit that service as well. Netflix made the confirmation earlier today on Twitter:

Now fans, and interested parties, can catch up on the critically-adored series all at once, or one clue at a time.

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