X-MEN Days of Future Past takes the number-one spot this Memorial Day weekend

A few big-budget action films went head-to-head this Memorial Day weekend, with the latest installment to the popular ‘X-MEN’ franchise expected to end at number one, after opening in 72 territories. Box-office scorer Rentrax has ‘X-MEN Days of Future Past’ ending with an estimated gross of $262 million dollars internationally, $90 million of that total came from domestic tickets sales alone.
The Marvel series had an incredible cast-list supporting the film including; Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Ian Mckellen and Patrick Stewart just to name a few of the mutants that made an appearance in this year’s release. Sony’s other Marvel series ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ took home fourth place over the holiday weekend, with an additional $19 million in ticket sales.
Still roaring across the globe is the mega-hit Godzilla from Warner Bros. Pictures, which took home an estimated $66 million this weekend, bringing the film’s international total past $300 million worldwide.
The Seth Rogen and Zac Efron film ‘Neighbors’ from Universal took third this-place, adding another $22 million internationally.
One of the summer’s biggest busts was ‘Blended,’ starring the comedic duo Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, that film only brought in a little more than $16 million this weekend. Although the film had both Sandler and Barrymore (including a small role for Disney’s princess Bella Thorne) it failed to pass fifth place overall in its opening weekend.

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