Elliot Rodger, son of Hunger Games Assistant Director, reported as Santa Barbara shooter

Early reports from police indicate that 22 year-old Elliot Roger has been connected to a multiple shooting in Santa Barbara, California earlier today. Elliot is the son of the Peter Rodger, the second unit director from the popular ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise.
The shooting has left six people dead with up to seven more injured.
The shooting was late last night close to the UC Santa Barbara campus, Roger was reportedly a student at Santa Barbara Community College and extremely unstable. Though it was reported by multiple outlets, no official connection naming Elliot has been released. The shooter, reported dead, is one of seven that lost their lives last night.
The reports indicate that Rodger was driving his black BMW in the Isla Vista business district, less than a mile from the school’s campus. It was also reported that prior to the shooting, Roger uploaded a video on YouTube, where he outlined his plans to carry out the attack. FOX news indicated that some of the footage talked about, “sorority girls who had rejected him over the years,” quoting the gunman stated that, “Tomorrow is a day of retribution.”
Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown called the shooting, “premeditated mass murder,” and calling Rodger (the alleged gunman), “severely mentally disturbed.”
His father, Peter Rodger, has not released a comment at this time. Deadline reported the connection earlier today, though it has not been confirmed at this time.

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