Use this tip to find any game in Amazon’s ‘Digital Games Mayhem Sale’ for memorial day

Memorial Day always has some great deals, and not only can you shop from your couch, but you can enjoy these games there as well. The Digital Games Mayhem sale is going on at Amazon with Batman Arkham titles, the Rockstar Ultimate Collection, Metro games and more leading the pack just to get things started.
There are hundreds of games available to choose from, and this time Amazon even offered a text-only link that sorts them by title. It’s pretty hard to read, but the thought is nice, if you use our tip though it gets much better.
Pro-tip: want to see if a game is on the list? Just use you FIND feature in your browser (CTRL F for Chrome) and use a Keyword like Batman and you’ll be all set for instant digital happiness at a fraction of the price.
You can use the trick to find Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn at 40% off ($14.99), Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut is 55% off ($11), NBA 2K14 is now 68% and there are hundreds more, with bigger discounts, and more recent titles if that’s what you are looking for. You only have a few days to cash in on the deal, so use our tip and enjoy.
more info:, or the regular version

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