Peter Capaldi takes on the role of the twelfth Doctor Who in August, new trailer confirms

Since the countdown to reveal who will be playing the twelfth Doctor finally revealed Peter Capaldi, we haven’t heard much from BBC. Now a very short teaser trailer confirms that the new Doctor will start adventuring in August.
BBC still isn’t revealing the exact date of the brand-new season, but at least you can block-off August as the definite month to get back into Doctor Who. Capaldi was confirmed as Matt Smith’s replacement last year, and he even made a small appearance in the very popular “The Day of the Doctor 50th Anniversary event.”
There was broad-spectrum of emotions left online when BBC first confirmed Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. Some were hoping for a woman or a more ethnically diverse option than the standard white-male Englishman that had taken the role in the past. Others were just upset that the Doctor was no longer a younger-man, like David Tennant and Matt Smith were in earlier seasons.

No matter how you felt about it, we are just weeks away from Doctor Who returning, and for fans that should be all we need.

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