COUGAR line will focus on growing world of eSports in 2014 and beyond

The world of eSports has never been as popular as it today, and COUGAR is taking action to outfit players with the best hardware possible for competition.At the COMPUTEX 2014 trade show in Taiwan (June 3-7) COUGAR will be launching a new series of gaming eSports products.
For the next generation of upcoming power supplies, COUGAR will be launching a digital and budget bronze power supply. The power supply will no longer just be a cold metal box. The digital features of the PSU will allow for the interaction between users and the product. Gamers will instantly be able to monitor power data in real time such as efficiency, output status of consumption, voltage and electric current as well as the temperature of each PC component.
Users can also adjust features depending on their preferences and needs, such as power-saving mode, voltage output adjustment, PC system fan speed control and silent mode. The outstanding aspect to this is that the price of these digital power supplies will not be as expensive as other brands.
With “Steam OS” systems preparing to hit the market, COUGAR will be launching a smaller and more exquisite case for the Steam platform. The trend and feature of Steam OS will be to not only integrate multimedia applications but also bring PC games to the living room. PC Gamers can comfortably plan their PC games by using the big screen in the living room. COUGAR will be showcasing these new case products at Computex 2014.
In addition to the PSUs and CASEs for the PC gaming market, COUGAR is also launching a new line of gaming peripherals, and hopes to be one of the top eSports brands. COUGAR is not only developing the hardware but also the software. The company stated that it had spent the last two years developing the company’s first flagship gaming keyboard and mouse, and both have won the iF (International Design Award) of 2014.

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