Marvel shows off the next animated film ‘Big Hero 6’ with a teaser-trailer

Disney and Marvel are showing off their next animated film ‘Big Hero 6’ for the first time, and everything looks pretty terrific. In the film a group of six superheroes are recruited by the government to protect the nation, filled with slapstick humor and based off a pretty popular series, the film will debut in 2016.
Marvel released a teaser-trailer for the highly-anticipated film earlier today, a full-length trailer is expected to be released tomorrow.

The film will be directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams. with Don Hall and Jordan Roberts writing the script. Voicing three of the roles are T.J. Miller, Maya Rudolph and Jamie Chung. Fans of the comic-series won’t need any reminding, but if you are new to the series, the movie is a film-adaptation of the comic series of the same name.

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