FX, FXX sets summer premiere dates for Wilfred, Tyrant, The Strain and more

This summer will see several new dramas and comedies on both FX and the newly launched FXX networks. The lineup of new shows all received summer premiere dates today, ensuring hours and hours of programming as we wait for our fall-series to return.
Starting things off this summer will be one of the new series, FX’s ‘Tyrant.’ The story is set in the middle-east and starring Adam Rayner, who will play the role of a dictator’s son, who returns to his homeland after being self-exiled for the last 20-years. That series is set to premiere at 10pm on June 24.
At the top of many viewer’s list but premiering second this summer, will be the seventh and final season of FXX’s popular comedy ‘Wilfred,’ the final season is set to begin on June 25. Another returning show this summer is ‘The Bridge,’ the second season will begin on July 9.
Next up is the highly-anticipated vampire-series ‘The Strain,’ the new series is brought to television via Executive Producer Carlton Cuse and was given a premiere date of July 13.
If you’re more interested in comedies, then you can switch over to FXX and checkout ‘Married’ or ‘You’re The Worst,’ both series will premiere on July 17, one after the other.

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