Royd Tolkien, great-grandson of J.R.R, helps create the ultimate Hobbit-themed cruise/convention

If you or someone you know is a lover of all things Tolkien, then we have a cruise that may be a perfect trip. Trilo3y Voyages has announced the launch of a sea-bound fan convention for those who love the fantasy worlds imagined by J.R.R Tolkien and brought to the big screen by Director Peter Jackson. Described as “An event like no other, the Tolkien-themed cruises are expected to be the world’s largest floating fan convention.”
Giving fans of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion novels and movies, exclusive access to cast members, directors, producers, cosplayers, movie marathons and workshops, Trilo3y Voyages is bringing the magic of Tolkien to the high seas. Fans can sail to Belize, Bermuda, Bruges, Cozumel, Paris, and Sydney Australia.
With the final installment of The Hobbit trilogy expected to be released in theaters this December, 55 million global fans of Tolkien’s literature and the movies it has inspired, will be searching for new ways in which they can prolong their involvement with the worldwide community of fellow hobbit-lovers. The fantastic cruise from Trilo3y Voyages includes everything from Q&A sessions with cast members, the chance to rub shoulders with some of the makers of the movies, and the unique opportunity to spend sunshine-filled days mixing with some of the biggest Tolkien fans on the planet in an environment that can only be described as the ultimate fellowship at sea. For booking information USA fans can call 1-866-653-6779, outside of the USA fans can email the company at [email protected]
Royd Tolkien, great-grandson of J.R.R, is involved with all of the Tolkien-based events arranged by Trilo3y Voyages, and is thrilled at the prospect of a community of Middle-earth lovers taking to the seas for an unforgettable adventure. “It’s wonderful to see that, even with the movies now coming to a close, there are still a huge number of fans who want to come together and celebrate my great-grandfather’s most treasured works. His novels have inspired generations, and it’s hugely exciting to see scholars, fans, cast members, producers and experts on his books gather in this way. I’ll be on board participating in as many events as possible, and I’m really looking forward to what is sure to be a wonderful experience.”
The Tolkien extravaganza also has a distinctly philanthropic element – Trilo3y Voyages champions two charities and will be supporting them throughout the cruise, with launch parties prior to departure that will help raise money for MS Research and the Tolkien Center Building Fund in the UK.
Shaun Gunner, Chairman of the Tolkien Society, -“I’m a great supporter of Trilo3y Voyages, whose Tolkien fan cruise looks hugely exciting for all involved. It’s also wonderful to see the work that is being done to raise money for two important causes. A Tolkien Center is something that is long overdue, and I wholeheartedly support the choice of MS Research as Trilo3y’s second charity. It’s thrilling to see that Tolkien works still inspire such devotion and excitement among fans some seventy-seven years after The Hobbits’ release. I hope this cruise gives Tolkien fans some memories that will last a lifetime, and inspires them to continue celebrating the great fantasy worlds for many years to come.”

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