CW gives fans the first trailer for ‘The Flash’ during the Arrow season finale

It’s a wonderful time for superheroes, even super-villains for that matter, both are getting plenty of screentime nowadays. The CW network has released the first trailer for the upcoming series ‘The Flash,’ showing the character in full-force and with full-speed.
Arrow’s season-two finale came to viewers in two-parts, a popular thing to do in television now, but viewers finally saw Barry Allen (Grant Gustin,) since he was put in a coma back in November. You can checkout the first official trailer for series below.

The new trailer features Green Arrow, Stephen Amell, who shoots an arrow just to have The Flash catch it. In this series Barry gains his powers by being struck by lightning, which he then turns into a crime-fighting superhero alter-ego named The Flash. The Flash isn’t the only DC Series coming to television in 2014-15, iZombie will also be making a debut on CW as well. No matter where you look comic-book characters are popping up, and fans should be pleased to see their favorite characters getting all of the attention.

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