NYPD arrest Alec Baldwin, this time it started with bike-riding

Another day, another problem between Alec Baldwin and the NYPD. The Associated Press is reporting that the New York City Police Department has arrested actor Alec Baldwin after an incident with a bike-riding ticket turned into something more with the popular actor.
According to the reports, Baldwin was stopped while riding a bike the wrong way on a busy street, after he was stopped he began, “acting belligerently toward the arresting officers,” which then resulted in his arrest. Alec Baldwin was then taken into police custody this morning (around 10:00 a.m. Tuesday) as a formal procedure. Police are stating that Baldwin was spotted riding his bicycle the wrong way on 16th Street near Fifth Avenue.
The report indicate that Baldwin was asked to show identification, it was at this point that Baldwin became irate with the NYPD officers on the scene according to the AP, and was arrested. Since that time Baldwin has been released from police custody, though Baldwin’s team has not made a comment on the matter.

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