Latest image released from ‘The Giver’ shows a brunette Taylor Swift

Lovers of children’s books, moviegoers and Taylor Swift fans are just a few of the millions of people that are excited for the Giver to release in theaters. The latest photo from the set, released today, shows a dark-haired Swift sitting at a piano. Now most fans have already seen Taylor Swift sitting at a piano, but this time its for a movie, not a music-video.
The scene is from “The Giver,” which we have already discussed, but the popular film-adaptation of the Lois Lowry children’s book has been years in the making. From cast-negotiations, to film-rights (Jeff Bridges being one of the people that holds the rights to the film) it’s not been an easy road. In the movie, set to release at the end of this summer Swift will play Rosemary.
In the book Rosemary was a past trainee, she would have been the new Receiver of Memories, Jeff Bridges of course is one of the leads in the film, in this case the “Giver.” Fans don’t have much more time to wait, the film will hit theaters on August 15.

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