Once Upon a Time gets #Frozen with Elsa coming to cool things off

Disney knows when it has a good thing and currently it has two. A hit TV series with classic fairytale characters called ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘Frozen,’ which has been dominating the box-office like no other animated film has ever done before.
Now mix the two together and what do ya got? ‘Bippity Boppity Season Finale sensation. We took the appropriate amount of time to hold-in the shocking reveal last night, when ABC only let us see a glimpse of the character in its season finale. On Once Upon a Time’s two-part episode (“Snow Drifts”/”There’s No Place Like Home”) we had more time-traveling, more near-future catastrophes and at the end, a reveal that floored everyone we knew that was watching the show.

So here’s the question, is this Elsa the good queen, or Elsa the evil queen? We will probably have at least the summer to think that over until ABC finally reveals the actor in full costume and we get a better trailer.

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