Hugh Jackman celebrates X-Men Days of Future Past premieres just days after cancer scare

A small bandage on his face was the only outwardly noticeable sign of Hugh Jackman’s surgery, the actor was seen wearing the bandage during the premiere of his latest film ‘X-Men Days of Future Past’. It was earlier in the week, that the Jackman had yet another cancerous growth removed, this time from his nose/cheek.
At 45 years-old Jackman looks to be a colossal of health and virility on screen, thanks in large part to his constant workouts and exercise regimes that are required for his ‘Wolverine’ role in both the spin off films and the X-Men franchise itself. It was just last saturday at the X-Men: Days of Future Past premiere that Jackman told the Associated Press he had a basal-cell carcinoma removed just two nights earlier.
According to Jackman a recent biopsy confirmed the cancerous growth, news he received a Thursday prior to the event. It was just days after that Jackman went under the knife to have it removed. For those that are unfamiliar with Basal-cell carcinoma, it can take months or more to develop or show symptoms. Though Jackman told the press, “It’s all out now,” he take the moment to remind everyone that they should always wear sunscreen and get regular checkups from their doctor.
If you need a small reminder for your young children next them they are at the beach, tell them that even Wolverine wears sunscreen at the beach, and he has mutant powers. We wish him all the best in recovery, and hope this is the last he hears of it.

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