NYC Seinfeld Subway lets you remember the show, live the nothing

Fellow New Yorkers caught a surprise on the track this morning, and for once it was a pleasant surprise, not a fur
As you can image this is all a marketing stunt, but a rather fun and inventive one to say the least. The adds are promoting the new time for the Seinfeld reruns, and in total 11 subway train cars were magically transformed into the sitcom’s famous diner hangout and local NYC spot Monk’s Cafe. The cars are on the popular #7 line should be in town and would like to take a picture.
Monk’s Cafe in all its glory, local channel PIX11 will once again feature reruns of the famous sitcom at 11 p.m. This is actually a historical moment, though a minor one, since the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has never allowed an advertiser to transform one of their cars before. You have one month to catch the “Seinfeld train” and you should probably hurry if you want to take pictures, since graffitii will no doubt make most of the car a riding sore spot after today.

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