Revenge season three finale promises “lives lost,” as Emily and Victoria square off again

ABC has been teasing the season three finale of the network’s top series ‘Revenge,’ for the last few weeks. Now that the show has been safely renewed for a fourth season, many fans have been guessing on which characters won’t survive to see season four premiere next year. On ABC tonight is the new episode “Execution,” a fitting title for the hints that ABC has been dropping all week.
In the teasers that have graced ABC this week the network stated that, “Nothing is off limits as Emily and Victoria are dead set on destroying each other,” but that’s been pretty much the same theme for the last few seasons. What was exciting to read this week was ABC’s description for the upcoming episode that reads, “Lives will be lost and fates will be altered, but who will rise victorious?, on the season three finale of Revenge.”
That is much more exciting to hear than the ongoing battle between Emily and Victoria, and with a season four on its way, its unlikely that we will lose our Emily in tonight’s episode. ABC wrapped up the last season finale with a faux-death situation involving Emily, so we don’t think that ABC will play the same storyline for this season’s finale. What we are interested in, is if ABC introduces any new storylines that may have Emily rebooting her current situation (even more so than she already has) and giving fans a chance to watch her infiltrate an even deadlier group.
ABC has been very secretive of the current episode, the network hasn’t even released the guest-stars that will be featured on tonight’s episode. The premiere is only a short time away, and we will finally get some answers from this year’s storylines. “Execution” was written by Sunil Nayar & Joe Fazzio and directed by Ken Fink.
“Revenge” stars Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, Madeleine Stowe as Victoria Grayson, Henry Czerny as Conrad Grayson, Josh Bowman as Daniel Grayson, Nick Wechsler as Jack Porter, Gabriel Mann as Nolan Ross, Christa B. Allen as Charlotte Clarke and Barry Sloane as Aiden Mathis.

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