NBC renews Parks and Recreation and Parenthood for one last season

After a laundry-list of cancellations went out this week, two shows remained in the ‘uncertain’ category at NBC, those two series were ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘Parenthood’. The latter of the two series was on hold due to stalled payment negotiations but it seems all of that is now behind us, and the two series can return for one more season.
NBC confirmed earlier today that both shows will be returning to the network next year, but it comes with some bad news. Parks and Rec. and Parenthood will both be using their new seasons to wrap-up their character’s storylines and saying goodbye to fans. of the two shows ‘Parks and Rec’ was in danger of being cut before, while Parenthood saw a growing cast and frequent salary negotiations bottleneck production in the past.
More information on what the showrunners will surprise us with for the final seasons of the two show’s will be revealed later this Summer. we will most likely get a little misty-eyed and refuse to watch the entire final episodes, because if you don’t watch the last one, it never ends #knope.

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